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Description: These are nice, cross-locking, curved tweezers, unlike traditional models the tips on these tweezers will remain closed until squeezed open. They have a very fine tip which allows you to pick up very small parts with precision. This is a great tool to have if you’re working with surface mount components or anything with very small parts. The ESD-safe coating will also help prevent electro-static damage to sensitive electronic components.


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Not 'very fine' tip

These tweezers look great in the product photo, but the ones I got had a fairly large, blunt tip, and required a file to make them close properly. Just trying to pick up SMD buttons was hard, and they kept on popping out of the tweezers. In addition, the ESD-safe coating was chipped, so I wouldn’t think they are completely ESD safe. That being said, they are pretty cheap, so I guess they aren’t a bad value.