Actuonix PQ12-100-6-R Micro-Actuator

The PQ12 series of micro linear actuators are ideal for applications requiring precise positioning and compact size. Weighing in at just 22 grams, the PQ12 is incredibly light as well as compact. The affordably-priced PQ12 is the most powerful actuator of it's size. This is why it has become a popular choice for OEM manufacturers as well as Arduino and RC hobbyists. Some industries where the PQ12 are in use include: prosthetics, robotics, medical, simulation.

The PQ12-R series of linear servos operate as a direct replacement for standard rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground power and control. Regardless of how you drive your servos, be it with an RC receiver, an Arduino board, or a VEX micro-controller, the PQ12-R servo will function in place of a regular servo, but with the added benefit of providing linear motion. The PQ12-R is available in a 20mm stroke coupled with gear ratio options of 30:1, 63:1 and 100:1 cover a large variety of applications.

The PQ12-100-6-R has: a 100:1 gear ratio for maximum lifting force; 6VDC operating voltage; and a servo (PWM) interface. This powerful little actuator can lift 50N (~5kg)!

The datasheet doesn't mention a minimum operating voltage, but we've tested this actuator at 5VDC and it seems to work just fine. The maximum force and movement speed are reduced of course.

  • PQ12-100-6-R Micro-Actuator
  • Mounting hardware kit
  • Gearing Option: 100:1
  • Peak Power Point: 40N @ 6mm/s
  • Peak Efficiency Point: 20N @ 8mm/s
  • Max Speed (no load): 10mm/s
  • Max Force (lifted): 50N
  • Max Side Load: 10N
  • Back Drive Force: 35N
  • Stroke: 20 mm
  • Input Voltage: 6 VDC
  • Stall Current: 550mA @ 6V
  • Mass: 22g
  • Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
  • Positional Repeatability: ±0.1mm
  • Mechanical Backlash: 0.25 mm
  • Audible Noise: 55dB @ 45cm
  • Ingress Protection: IP-54
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 20%
  • PWM (Servo) signal:
    • Fully retracted: 2.0ms @ 50Hz
    • Fully extended: 1.0ms @ 50Hz

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