Get a Grip Workholding Kit

Carbide3D is proud of their Tiger Claw Clamps and Lock Stops, but there is one problem, they're not cheap. They're both machined from solid aluminum or stainless steel so there's no way around the cost. So they decided to make a full injection-molded workholding setup.

Presenting the Get A Grip Workholding Kit, a full workholding kit with everything you need, even for advanced machining setups.

The Get A Grip Workholding Kit is compatible with all Shapeoko 4, Pro, and HDM machines using the included Teez-Nutz. If you have a Shapeoko 3 or earlier, the clamps and corner square will work fine, but you'll need to provide T-nuts or other anchors for your table.

Note that the Essential Stops and the Essential Corner Square have a standoff molded into the base to put them slightly above the height of the MDF on a stock Hybrid Table. If you've taken a skim cut on your Hybrid Table then they may rest a little further above the MDF. This gap is OK. The standoffs allow the corner and stops to rest on the aluminum t-track for maximum rigidity.

The Essential Claws include a separate spacer so they can be used on the Hybrid Table or attached to flat fixture plates.

Are these strong enough?

Everything in this kit (other than the Teez-Nutz and the hardware) is injection molded from glass-filled nylon, a very strong and very tough material. Because they're injection molded, the plastic is strong and uniform all the way through, unlike 3D printed clamps that tend to fail along build layers.

Essential Corner Square Kit

The existing Corner Square Guide is machined from a plate of aluminum for maximum squareness. The injection-molded corner square set included here will do a great job at helping you set a repeatable stock location but it's not as perfectly square as the aluminum Corner Square Guide. This is due to the small distortions that occurs as injection-molded parts cool. With proper technique, it will be accurate enough for most applications.

  • Essential Clamps (Qty 4)
  • Essential Claws (Qty 4)
  • Essential Stops (Qty 4)
  • Essential Corner Square Set
  • Spacers/shims (Qty 4)
  • Teez-Nutz (Qty 12)
  • M6 x 16 Socket head screws (Qty 20)
  • M6 x 30 Socket head screws (Qty 4)
  • M6 x 40 Socket head screws (Qty 4)


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