Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C PD Power Supply - White

The white Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Power Supply will deliver a maximum of 5.1V, 5A enabling the Raspberry Pi 5 to power a wider range of peripherals. The total power drawn from the four USB ports on Raspberry Pi 5 is limited by default to a nominal 600mA; this limit is automatically increased to a nominal 1.6A when the USB-C PD Power Supply is detected.

The USB-C PD Power Supply is also capable of delivering 3A @ 9V, 2.25A @ 12V, and 1.8A @ 15V to PD-compatible products, making it a good cost-effective power supply for many general-purpose, non-Raspberry Pi use cases.

We only supply the North American plug configuration at this time.


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no problems

I've got 2, one on a pi-5 with a SDD attached and charge my samsung s23+ with the other. Works great for both.

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Can’t use item

Would love to give a review since it was ordered at the same time as a pi5 but since I still haven’t gotten my pi this item is worthless.

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Pi 27W USB-C PD PSU White

No Review. I received three units almost two weeks ago. They are useless because neither the Pis nor the coolers have been shipped yet. The boxes are lovely as they sit unopened on the shelf. I presume that the units inside the boxes look pristine and I have every hope that they work if the associated Raspberry Pi 5 units that I ordered before I ordered these power supplies ever ship. The 5s were ordered on the day that they were announced.