Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C PD Power Supply - Black

The black Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Power Supply will deliver a maximum of 5.1V, 5A enabling the Raspberry Pi 5 to power a wider range of peripherals. The total power drawn from the four USB ports on Raspberry Pi 5 is limited by default to a nominal 600mA; this limit is automatically increased to a nominal 1.6A when the USB-C PD Power Supply is detected.

The USB-C PD Power Supply is also capable of delivering 3A @ 9V, 2.25A @ 12V, and 1.8A @ 15V to PD-compatible products, making it a good cost-effective power supply for many general-purpose, non-Raspberry Pi use cases.

We only supply the North American plug configuration at this time.


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  • Member #1551442 / about 2 months ago / 3

    Are the raspberry pi 27w USBC power supply only UK wall plug or do they work with USA 110v wall plugs?


    • Pearce / about 2 months ago / 4

      This is the North American version. We'll be updating the photos soon to reflect that.

      • Member #1258845 / about 2 months ago / 1

        Good to know but the item name or description should reflect that too.

  • FireNWater / about a month ago * / 1

    I ordered one of these: https://a.co/d/6eBhQ5s to feed my Rpi-5 from a mobile 13.5VDC source. I'll update this comment once I confirm it actually works.

    Maybe Sparkfun can offer a similar product for those folks who want to take their Rpi-5 out in the field.

    Update - I've connected 13.5VDC to the DC -> USB-C PD adapter above and it is happily and coolly powering my Rpi-4. The little board seems to deliver.

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