Raspberry Pi 5 Essential Kit - 8GB

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The Raspberry Pi 5 comes with some layout and power requirement changes. For those upgrading an existing project to the Raspberry Pi 5, this kit includes the parts that you'll need to update. The 5 is a lot more power hungry, so included is the new 27W Type-C PD Wall Adapter (North American Plug). In more than just a new configuration; the new official case also includes a fan, a previously sold-separately component. The new case also features the ability to mount HATs to the Pi 5 while keeping it protected.

These two components are included in this kit with an 8GB model of the new Raspberry Pi 5.


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  • Member #583403 / about a month ago / 4

    Delivery estimates for those who ordered late October?

    • androomerrill / about 5 days ago / 2

      I can tell you I ordered 2 on September 28th and still nada.

    • TitusFFX / last month / 2

      Have you heard back anything? Some I know already have them but not all suppliers yet apparently.

  • Member #1858309 / about 2 months ago / 1

    Is it a genuine Raspbery Pi charger?

  • Member #657451 / about 2 months ago / 1

    Would you recommend this if this is your first R-Pi?

    • Pearce / about a month ago / 1

      It depends on the use case. But generally the 5 or the Zero 2 W would be the best options at the time of this comment.

  • Member #657451 / about 2 months ago / 1

    How much info comes with the Raspberry Pi 5 Essential Kit - 8GB? Quick start guide, block diagram, that sort of thing?

    • Pearce / about a month ago / 1

      All info is online and available through the Raspberry Pi website.

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