Raspberry Pi 5 Essential Kit - 8GB

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The Raspberry Pi 5 comes with some layout and power requirement changes. For those upgrading an existing project to the Raspberry Pi 5, this kit includes the parts that you'll need to update. The 5 is a lot more power hungry, so included is the new 27W Type-C PD Wall Adapter (North American Plug). In more than just a new configuration; the new official case also includes a fan, a previously sold-separately component. The new case also features the ability to mount HATs to the Pi 5 while keeping it protected.

These two components are included in this kit with an 8GB model of the new Raspberry Pi 5.


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  • Member #583403 / about 5 months ago / 4

    Delivery estimates for those who ordered late October?

    • Hello 1854082!

      Just this week, we have begun to receive shipments from the Pi Foundation to fulfill a chunk of backorders for the Pi5 boards and our Pi5 kits.

      Starting next week and again in January and as we advance, you can expect Monthly Updates from us in the first week of each month. As a reseller of Pi boards, we cannot guarantee exact quantity numbers or ship dates, and some months, we may not have much to report on at all, but these emails will contain that information.

      (I also apologize for any repeated information. We're just trying to respond to as many people as we can)

      Hopefully, this helps!

    • androomerrill / about 3 months ago / 2

      I can tell you I ordered 2 on September 28th and still nada.

      • TitusFFX / about 3 months ago / 1

        Hopefully it arives before Christmas since was a gift.

        • Member #1855395 / about 3 months ago / 1

          I wouldn’t hold my breath. I place a pre-order just a few hours after they went live and it’s still crickets. Meanwhile my buddy has had 2 separate Pi 5’s preorders he place AFTER mine deliver from Cana Kit. Oh, and they were somehow able to give regular shipping eta updates, but SparkFun can’t figure it out…. Live and learn, I guess.

    • TitusFFX / about 4 months ago / 2

      Have you heard back anything? Some I know already have them but not all suppliers yet apparently.

  • Member #1858309 / about 5 months ago / 1

    Is it a genuine Raspbery Pi charger?

  • Member #657451 / about 5 months ago / 1

    Would you recommend this if this is your first R-Pi?

    • Pearce / about 5 months ago / 1

      It depends on the use case. But generally the 5 or the Zero 2 W would be the best options at the time of this comment.

  • Member #657451 / about 5 months ago / 1

    How much info comes with the Raspberry Pi 5 Essential Kit - 8GB? Quick start guide, block diagram, that sort of thing?

    • Pearce / about 5 months ago / 1

      All info is online and available through the Raspberry Pi website.

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easy set up. Way more powerful than my Pi 4

Using it for some ham radio applications and python development. So far it's way more powerful then I'm able to exercise it. Glad I have room to grow.

Deside where you are going first

This is a hot little board, but if you want to upgrade to a SSD, the big ones go beneath the CPU card so the case will no longer fit. The big blower heat sink and fan is something else I wanted and at that point the whole case and fan are no longer in use.

The power supply is nice, I definitely recommend that.

A perfect little PC

Performance much better than RPi 4, it actually can be used as a secondary PC. The kit was easy to assemble and fan uses dedicated header, thus leaving all of the GPIO pins free. The assembled kit looks nice. The only (very minor) gripe with this kit is that power supply does not have an on/off switch on the cable.

PS Running Ubuntu 23.10 on it without any problems.