SD Sniffer

Replacement:TOL-11404. We've revised this board to fit a new SD card socket, it has stayed the same otherwise. This page is for reference only.

This board is a unique board recommended by a SparkFun customer. When playing with SD, you sometimes need to view what the SPI traffic is doing, whether for hacking or debugging. The SD Sniffer allows you to hook up an external device, such as a logic analyzer or microcontroller, to view what signals are being passed back and forth. Insert one side into a regular SD socket and a SD card into the SD holder, simple as that.

**Note: **This product is a collaboration and a portion of each sale goes toward the designer for product support and continued development.


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  • this device could do with a shim for either side (top/bottom) as the board is much thinner than an SD card, causing the inserted end to rock and not make proper contact with the device it's plugged into giving either intermittent or non-usage.

    • Hi, Thanks for mentioning this. I know it have been forever since your post, but I think there was a mistake in one of the batches way back when, and the circuit board was created with a thinner than intended PCB. When we make the new revision we will ensure the correct thickness is used. Thanks

  • A micro sd Sniffer is in the works. It should be out very soon.

  • And if you need to sniff MicroSD signals, combine it with this:

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