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Description: By popular request, we’re selling the always-handy ProtoShield PCB on its own! Originally spawned with collaboration between the folks at SFE and ITP @ NYU, the ProtoShield mates with an Arduino development board and gives the user a small soldering area, two general LED footprints, access to a BlueSMiRF socket, a general pushbutton switch footprint, and most important of all - the Arduino reset switch is brought to the top level.

Now you don’t need to buy the whole ProtoShield kit if you just need a piece of prototyping board that will fit on top of your Arduino. You might want to grab a stackable header kit, though, which you can find in the related items below.

Note: Though this board is compatible with the Arduino R3 it does not posses the additional pins that the R3 offers. Make sure you pick your headers accordingly.


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Customer Comments

  • These are great, but there is one problem: If you want to use it as a shield on top of an Ethernet shield, then the Ethernet jack gets in the way, so you have to cut out a chunk of this board with a dremel. It would be AWESOME if you could make one that could be used on top of an Ethernet shield!

  • Wouldn’t it be better if the internal area of the board was laid out like a breadboard? Perhaps like this:

    I can’t figure out a good way to connect the components together in the internal prototyping area.

  • is this shield compatible with UNO R3?

  • Would it be possible to rewire the blue smirf socket to be used for the Openlog?

  • How ‘bout doing a shield like this that would fit on an Arduino MEGA 2560 board. This one looks like it only fits the old arduino boards.

  • These are the best!! My number one choice for custom shields.

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The most versatile shield for Arduino!

Normal protoshields, the kind you buy at Radioshack, are generally too expensive to solder things to and/or buy a lot of. With these, you get as much functionality for a small package. I would highly recommend these for ease of use when designing custom shields. I cant remember how many of these i’ve used, but it is a lot!