DFRobot Gravity: BMX160+BMP388 10 DOF Sensor

DFRobot Gravity: BMX160+BMP388 10 Depth of Field (DOF) Sensor combines the BMX160 9-axis absolute orientation sensor and BMP388 barometric pressure sensor on to a single module. The BMX160 sensor comes with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a geomagnetic sensor, and offers less than 1.5mA power consumption. The BMX160 Gravity sensor features an improved performance by combining with the Bosch Sensortec BSX sensor data fusion software library.

The BMP388 high-performance sensor features a compact body, high resolution, and small size. This sensor provides outstanding altitude stabilization and offers essential altitude data that provides flight stability and landing accuracy.

  • -40°C ~ 80°C (more accurate in 0°C-65°C) operating temperature range
  • 27mm x 32mm dimensions
  • BMX160 9-axis Sensor:
    • ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16 accelerometer
    • ±125°/s ~ 2000°/s gyroscope
    • ±1150uT(x-,y-axis) ; ±2500uT(z-axis) geomagnetic sensor
    • 0.3μT resolution
  • BMP388 Barometric Pressure & Temperature Sensor:
    • 300hPa - 1250hPa operation range
    • ±0.08hPa (equivalent to ±0.66m @700hPa-900hPa, 25°C-40°C) relative accuracy pressure
    • ±0.5hPa (0°C-65°C @300hPa-1100hPa) absolute accuracy pressure
    • ±0.75Pa/K (-20°C-65°C @700hPa-1100hPa) temperature coefficient offsest
    • ±0.5°C (@0°C-65°C) absolute accuracy temperature


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    I think they mean "degrees of freedom" not "depth of field".

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