HEGduino: HEG Kit (WeMos Lolin32)

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Crowd Supply HEGduino is an affordable and accessible biofeedback kit. The HEGduino uses red and infrared light sensing to determine the changes in the blood-oxygen levels in your brain in real-time. Tracking blood-oxygen changes in your brain provides direct insight into your brain activity. HEGduino makes Hemoencephalography (HEG) biofeedback easy, affordable, and hackable. The "HEG" in HEGduino stands for Hemoencephalography, a non-invasive biofeedback method, similar to EEG neurofeedback. HEG detects regional changes in the brain’s energy consumption via changes in blood-oxygen. HEGduino enables you to see in real-time how your brain blood-oxygen levels respond to your thoughts and actions, resulting in a simple and elegant biofeedback system. You can easily affect and eventually control regional blood flow in your head by focusing, breathing, and relaxing, and watching the response on your screen.

The HEGduino is controlled and interacted with via Wi-Fi®, BLUETOOTH®, or USB. A browser app enables various ways to display and interact with the HEG data returned from your brain.

  • Controller Board:
    • WeMos Lolin32 V1.0.0 (4MB flash but more I/O)
    • Texas Instruments ADS1115 16-bit 860sps Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
  • I/O breakouts for a maximum of:
    • 32 Inputs / Outputs
    • 26x digital pins (3.3V) - all PWM capable (two occupied by LEDs)
    • 18x analog pin
    • 3x UART
    • 3x SPI
  • Sensor Board:
    • Flexible circuit board to conform to the shape of your head and headgear
    • 650nm 50mA red LED
    • 950nm 50mA IR LED
    • Texas Instruments OPT101 Monolithic Photodiode
    • Connected to receiver by CAT3 connectors/wire


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Assembly very easy and works well

For assembly refer to the Hackaday.io project page (https://hackaday.io/project/168788-hegduino). Assembly is fairly simple and the wireless interface seems to be quite stable. I found it necessary to place clear tape strips over the emitter and receiver to protect against water (sweat). Very interesting device and great interface options, definitely encourage others to explore the potential of this inexpensive biofeedback device.

Missing the 6p6c connectors

Really interesting product and shipped fairly quickly, but it's missing the 6p6c ports that are needed to use the connecting cable. Those parts are cheap, and I'm ordering them on my own, but I was disappointed because it looks like they come with the product as they are shown in the pictures.