VCNL3036X01-GS08 High Res Digital Proximity Sensor

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Vishay Semiconductors VCNL3036X01 High-Resolution Digital Proximity Sensor with I2C Interface integrates a mux and a driver for up to 3 external IREDs into one small package. The VCNL3036X01 Sensors utilize the CMOS process to incorporate photodiodes, amplifiers, and analog to digital converting circuits into a single chip.

The Vishay VCNL3036X01 Digital Proximity Sensors has programmable interrupt features of individual high and low thresholds, allowing optimization of resources and power saving on the microcontroller. The Proximity Sensors have an operating voltage of 2.5V to 3.6V and are ideal for force feedback applications.

  • Surface-mount 4.0mm x 2.36mm x 0.75mm (L x W x H) package type
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Proximity sensor (PS) and signal conditioning IC integrated modules
  • Low power consumption I2C (SMBus compatible) interface
  • 2.5V to 3.6V Operating voltage
  • Interrupt
    • Programmable interrupt function for PS with upper and lower thresholds
    • Adjustable persistence to prevent false triggers for PS
  • Proximity function
    • Programmable IRED sink current
    • Intelligent cancellation to reduce cross talk phenomenon
    • Smart persistence scheme to reduce PS response time
    • Selectable for 12-bit/16-bit PS output data
    • I2C Bus output type
    • 168h, MSL 3, according to J-STD-020 floor life


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