Sensirion SLF3S-0600F Liquid Flow Sensor

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Sensirion SLF3S-0600F Liquid Flow Sensor enables precise and reliable measurements of dynamic liquid flow rates up to 2000µl/min bi-directionally. Sensirion SLF3S-0600F sensor features a digital interface (I2C) via a 6-pin standard electrical connector. SLF3S-0600F builds on the latest generation CMOSens® sensor chip that is at the heart of Sensirion's flow sensing platform and achieves outstanding performance. CMOSens technology combines the sensor element, signal processing and digital calibration on a small CMOS chip. The CMOS technology is ideal for demanding and cost-sensitive OEM applications.

  • Low flow sensing up to ±2000µl/min
  • Calibrated for H2O and IPA
  • Linearized, temperature-compensated, and fully calibrated digital output signal (I2C)
  • Bidirectional measurement and real-time failure detection
  • 200:1 or better turndown ratio
  • Compact and lightweight form factor
  • Straight, unobstructed flow channel without moving parts
  • Response time below 20ms
  • Accuracy: 5%
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 3.5V
  • Port Size: UNF 1/4 - 28
  • Housing Material: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
  • Connection Method: 6-pin Molex
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +50C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: +5C


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