Wowstick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver Kit

The Wowstick 1F+ is an electric screwdriver kit featuring 56 screw bits and a number of other accessories. It's the perfect tool for those who regular need to tighten or loosen screws on electronic devices. The lithium-powered rechargeable driver pen features an three LED lights to prevent any shadows being cast on the subject and a sleek aluminum body. The double action button allows you to reverse the direction of the drive on the fly. The driver will also function "manually" without using the powered feature. The 56-piece driver bit set includes bits used by many of the popular electronics companies as well as all the standard styles. It also includes a sleek carrying case and a metal base that includes a magnetizer. This is a great addition to any electronics workbench.

  • 54 Assorted Screwdriver Bits of Varying Styles (Organized in Tubes)
  • 1 x Metal Shaft Driver with Built-in LED and Dual-Action Button (Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation with a simple push of one side of the button.)
  • A Magnetizer/Demagnetizer for the Driver Bits
  • Suction Cup and Spudger for Removing Screens from Devices like Tablets and Cellphones
  • Small Jar for Holding Screws
  • Weighted Desktop Stand for the Driver
  • Carrying Case that Fits the Driver and One Tube of Bits
  • Project Mat
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Dual Action Button for Clockwise or Counterclockwise Rotation with Ease.
  • Handy Carrying Case that Carries the Driver Plus One Tube of Bits
  • Tubes for Organizing Different Bits
  • Weighted Metal Desktop Stand
  • Assorted Extra Tools Including a Magnetizer and Suction Cup for Removing Screens from Devices
  • Battery is rechargeable via USB Micro B Port on the butt-end of the driver.


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  • Member #387567 / about a year ago * / 1

    A web search seems to indicate this is made by Xiaomi. It has a rechargeable 3.7V battery, i.e. Li-ion. I've also seen the battery called "10400", though it is certainly too small to be a 10400 mAh battery, and the only battery I could find with model number 10400 is a NiMH battery. So its capacity is up in the air. It is recharged with a micro-USB connection; I assume this is in the end of the screwdriver, or under a cap, but I couldn't find a picture that shows this. Whether the battery is replaceable is unclear. The bits are all 4mm hex, similar to the ones sold by Wiha and others.

  • Member #717255 / about a year ago / 1

    Does anyone know what kind of battery does this driver have and can it be changed easily?

    • Pearce / about a year ago / 1

      Lithium-Ion battery that can be charged via the USB Mini B port on the bottom of the driver body.

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