Richlite Sheet

Richlite is an incredibly durable, extremely versatile, and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper. This material works similar to a dense hardwood and can be easily milled, sanded, routed, and joined making it great for our woodworkers! Richlite is water-resistant, extraordinarily dense and durable, and has a natural appeal due to its paper construction. Because it is without voids, it is an ideal machinable material for drilling, tapping, tooling, and making complex patterns.

  • Cut to 13.5" x 11.75"; sold individually
  • 5/16" nominal thickness
  • Handmade from many layers of high-quality custom craft paper from 100% recycled products
  • Composed of approximately 65% FSC®-certified or recycled paper content and 35% phenolic resin


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