Through-Hole Speaker

This is a small 15mm round speaker that operates around the audible 2kHz range. You can use these speakers to create simple music or user interfaces.

This through-hole speaker is great for projects where you don't have room for a full-blown speaker. This 15mm diameter speaker is encased in plastic and will handle up to 0.5W of power.

  • Diameter 15 mm
  • Depth 7.5 mm
  • Input Power: Min. 0.3W, Max. 0.5W
  • Impedance at 3 kHz, 1 V: Min. 6.8Ω, Typ. 8Ω, Max. 9.2Ω
  • Resonant Frequency at 1V: Min. 1360Hz, Typ. 1700Hz, Max. 2,040Hz
  • Response: 20,000Hz
  • Distortion at 3 kHz, 0.3W: 10 %
  • Magnet Size: ø6.5 x 1.5 mm
  • Operating Temperature: Min. -20°C, Max. 55°C
  • Weight: 2.0g
  • Material: PBT +20% glass
  • Washable: yes
  • RoHS: yes
  • Hand Soldering: 350 ±5°C for 3 seconds

Through-Hole Speaker Product Help and Resources

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  • Member #1626979 / about 2 years ago / 1

    is this designed to be a buzzer or can it output discernible human speech?

  • Member #1614581 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Hi, can you indicate which operating voltages this speaker can operate at (I'm not understanding the datasheet)?

    Also, is this a piezoelectric buzzer ?


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