Standoff Kit - 210 Piece

One of the things we always seem to need is standoffs. This 210-piece brass standoff kit ensures you'll always have a set handy. Covering two of the most popular screw sizes used with PCBs and different standoff heights, it's a perfect addition to your benchtop or tool drawer.

  • M3 Hardware
    • 10 x 30mm F/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 30mm M/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 20mm F/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 20mm M/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 10mm M/F Standoffs
    • 60 x Nuts
    • 20 x 5mm Screws
  • M2.5 Hardware
    • 10 x 10mm M/F Standoffs
    • 10 x Brass Nuts
    • 10 x 5mm Brass Screws
    • 20 x Nuts
    • 10 x 10mm Screws
    • 20 x Brass Washers


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  • Member #211270 / about 7 months ago / 1

    Question: With standard 0.1" pin headers, the male header (e.g. has 2.54mm of plastic, and the female header (e.g. is 8.5mm tall. So if you connect two boards using pin headers, the space between them will be 11mm, right? But for some reason, it's hard to find 11mm standoffs; 10mm is a much more common size. Why?

    • Member #134773 / about 7 months ago / 1

      Well, 11mm is just a hair under 7/16", so maybe go with inch-based standoffs for that situation? (Unfortunately, SparkFun only seems to carry 3/8" and 3/4" heights for their #4-40 standoffs.) I'd suggest using 1/2" in lieu of the 7/16", as there's plenty of pin/socket and the extra 1/16" gives you a bit of tollerance if the headers aren't fully seated before soldering.'

  • Reddoug / about 7 months ago / 1

    What is the thread size of your 210 piece standoff kit, KIT-24115?

    • Member #134773 / about 7 months ago / 1

      Even though I'm not a SF employee, I'll answer the question: There are two sizes in this kit, BOTH METRIC: M2.5 and M3, indicating 2.5mm and 3mm diameter screws, respecively.

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