USB-C Extension Cable with Power Switch - 1m

Need a USB-C cable that allows you to transfer data and switch the power? This is it!

There are plenty of USB power switch cables out there. But all they do is switch power. Switch cables that also transfer data are very difficult to find, especially USB-C ones. We designed this cable to fill that gap. Not only does it switch VBUS power, the USB 2.0 D+ / D- pins, the two Configuration Channel (CC1 & CC2) pins and the shield are connected too. The TPE sleeve is soft and durable. This makes it a powerful cable!

If, like us, you regularly have a Thing Plus board, or a GNSS board, or an RTK product connected to your computer, you'll know how useful it can be to turn it off and back on again without needing to unplug it. This cable allows you to do that. Or you are measuring the battery life of your USB-enabled project; you need USB data but don't want USB power to recharge the battery. This cable allows you to do that too. Testing a board which has Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)? You need USB data but you want PoE to provide the power, not USB. This cable is the perfect choice. Pair it with a standard USB A to C cable and away you go!

  • USB-C plug to receptacle extension cable with data transfer and power switch
  • Total length: 1000mm
  • Switch position: 400mm from the plug
  • End-to-end connections:
    • VBUS via power switch : A4 A9 B4 B9
    • GND : A1 A12 B1 B12
    • USB 2.0 D+ : A6 B6
    • USB 2.0 D- : A7 B7
    • Configuration Channel CC1 : A5
    • Configuration Channel CC2 : B5
    • Shield
  • Not connected:
    • SuperSpeed differential pairs #1 - #4
    • Sideband Use SBU1 & SBU2

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