An unsung hero of the Space Race earns her place among the stars.

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SparkFun: helping people throw stuff into space since 2003

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CubeSats will soon be traveling beyond LEO, and are available in a new compact size. We check in with the people pushing the limits.

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Dave and Mike launch a red SparkFun box on a weather balloon to the edge of the atmosphere.

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Mike and Pete take a road trip to an innovative aerospace conference to find out more about the final frontier for amateur spacecraft makers

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Dave talks about recent adventures taking radio equipment up mountains, and marveling at Mars.

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Check out the tutorial from SparkFun engineer Aaron's HAB launch.

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We take a trip to check out a different version of DIY and make some new friends on the way.

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Director of Engineering Pete Dokter plots the data from a rocket launch - and suggests a new method for testing SparkFun products!

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