Free Day 2013 has come and gone right under everyone's nose. Insights into US lottery law and the latest on education tours in the future.

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Check out the final installment of our Free Day Documentary.

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A reminder that Free Day credits expire soon.

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Check out the footage from our Free Day documentary teams.

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Our third Free-Day has come and gone and we have a few new products that some of our lucky winners might be interested in getting.

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Let's go over the numbers for Free Day 2012

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It's Free Day 2012! Tips on how to stay connected to SparkFun in a variety of ways during the mayhem.

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Free Day is only a week away! Are you ready?

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Have a webcam (or want one) and going to participate in Free Day?

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We want to come document your Free Day experience!

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Remember, your Free Day funds are expiring at the end of this week!

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Reminder to use your Free Day credit by March 13th!

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Check out the action at the SparkFun offices on Free Day.

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Return of the Quiz

The Free Day Quiz has returned! Browse through all of the questions that were available during the chaos and test your knowledge.

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Free Day 2011 Recap

Forensics on our 2nd Free Day event. The ups, the downs. The lessons we learned were priceless!

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A preview of what Free Day 2011 is going to look like.

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