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What "cleaning" a room does to air quality.

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  • That’s a great point, my home is north of Denver in the suburbs. Pretty clean air for the most part.

  • Thank you Mitch, we are currently working through a large recategorization QA process. It’s going to take some time to match our entire catalog with some of the new categories we’ve created. We hope to have it all resolved today.

  • I think that would be really cool with a cityscape and the river. Thunderstorms are next for us on our project as well. We just ran out of time before the video. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

  • Thanks for you interest in this! Make sure to send us a picture when you’re all finished.

    This image should give you a good overall idea of the spacing and width of the project. The wood I used for this was 75 year old fence wood so it’s pretty inconsistent all around but this averages about ¾ inch thick. If I wasn’t using reclaimed wood I’d probably choose 1/2in (maybe even 1/4in) just to keep the overall size and weight down.

    I would recommend each layer (whether the lights are facing up or backward) to be about a ½ inch apart since the LED strip is just over 3/8 inch wide. If you could find a 7/16in space that would fit nearly perfect. We used some cork material we had lying around to space out the boards but ideally I would use these. We used them but my local Lowes only had a few in the store so we made it work with the cork.

    As for the code, I’ll have to get back to ya. Feldi is out today but she can shine some light on this soon.

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