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New Year, New Projects

We look forward into the new year and start planning what to make! What about you?

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With the start of each new year we take a look at what we think is going to be a big hit with our customers, so we can get some ideas on what to build throughout the year. It's pretty obvious that last year threw a wrench in the works to the point that we really didn't have any idea of what could arise from a world in quarantine but it was really interesting to see the sorts of projects that came out of it.

What's your next project?

We're seeing a roll out of a couple of vaccines - could we see more biometrics projects and products in 2021? Could we see a rise in homegrown machine learning builds that automatically detect body temperature when entering a building? Maybe we'll see a rise in GPS projects once people are able to go out into the wild again for hikes and other adventures.

The important thing to remember is to keep your brain occupied with something constructive, especially in uncertain times. That's why we want to pose a question and open a discussion: What projects are you working on in 2021? It can be as complex as building a new AI to play chess against, or as simple as assembling a model (I just ordered a new Gundam model to add some electronics to). So please, leave a comment below, let us know what you are working on and let's encourage each other's ideas!

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  • I'm currently building the Three Fives 555 timer kit from Evil Mad Scientists during my lunch break. I'm looking forward to building a simple pulsing LED light with large parts, like a 15mm LED and some 3D printed or epoxy poured large resistors to exaggerate the size.

  • I'm building a 12v automotive-style "development" board(Open source). It's based on the Artemis with a focus on high currents, several sensors, and strong protection circuits. Soon enough I'll be ready to preview it.

  • I am building an embedded GRBL controller with a jog wheel and DRO. It can also read g-code from a sd card and act as a standalone g-code sender:

    https://github.com/quezadaminter/GrblJogCtrl/ https://github.com/quezadaminter/GrblJogCtrlSchematic

    Also, I am using the SoCo python library to hack and revive my Sonos CR100 remote control so it can work again after Sonos bricked it for all its customers... I call it the CR101. Here's some info:

    https://github.com/quezadaminter/CR101kc https://github.com/quezadaminter/CR101fw https://github.com/quezadaminter/CR101py

  • If I get my act together, I'll finally finish the A/C thermostat I built to turn onn/off the window AC unit automatically. I started that 2-3 years ago... It's soldered up but just needs an enclosure and final tweaking.

    If I have some REAL gumption I want to try and automatic cat feeder. The two little monsters we just brought into the house are hungry and needy!

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