Another new stereo camera, a SparkFun Original LoRa gGateway and the Arduino Uno WiFi R2!

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Today we have a new stereo camera, an all-in-one sensor module, an absolute encoder, LEDs and a baseplate for your Raspberry Pi!

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In all honesty, I am glad you got some items you truly enjoy. Our goal this year was to provide just that! Let us know what you make with…
Not a bad haul in my order. Two redboards, a raspberry pi3 with a juice hat, some servo horns, and some random electronic stuff.
If I recall correctly, the Blackboard has a few bytes of “user accessible” EEPROM. It seems to me that if you included the “stopLimit Up”…
Thank you for that, and it absolutely doesn’t feel like an attack at all. With most projects I do, even once it’s up and running, I always…
Two more thoughts about the code: using a “#define STOP_LIMIT 160” rather than having stopLimit as a variable would help preserve RAM…
One advantage of a tennis ball - it doesn’t require a backup poweer supply. Since all garage door openers are required (at least in the…
Absolutely! If I had ten more minutes before this was due, that would have been the first addition I would have made to the code.
Would it make sense to turn off the LEDs after a minute or so?
Arduinet from Enterox is another IoT platform that supports data mapping for unstructured data posted by IoT devices and rule engine that…

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