Ramp up your GPS tracking skills with KML files and Google Earth.

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What do you do after the SparkFun Inventor's Kit? The world of electronics using Arduino is vast – here are a few tutorials to help take your projects to the next level!

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Are you new to the Teensy product line? Make sure to check out our Getting Started with Teensy tutorial before adding this powerful microcontroller to your project!

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After a short time in retirement, the SparkX A111 Breakout Board is coming back to life as part of the Get Sparked program!

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USB-to-serial UART bridges like the CH340 make it easier to upload code to an Arduino and pass serial data to/from your computer. Make sure to install the respective drivers before getting started.

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Learn what a logic level is, and how to interface between different technologies, with a few of our tutorials!

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Revisiting the use of virtual network computing for headless (or just more convenient) interaction with your RPi setup.

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How do you work with wire? Level up your technical skills by checking out this tutorial.

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A brief overview of bootloaders, and a few tutorials we have for installing bootloaders to boards.

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We have ported another "still relevant" tutorial from our archives, and added additional content to make it even more helpful on your next project!

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Let's review an overly simple example of our new product process, and the unavoidable truth of fun over efficiency in my life...

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Control a robot wirelessly with your hand using XBees, Arduino and an accelerometer.

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Looking to get your feet wet with GPS? We've got just the tutorial for you! Accurately display your coordinates on a small OLED with the press of a button using hardware from our Qwiic Connect System (I2C).

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Using EL once again for my students' performance using a glove controller, XBees, EL sequencers and Arduino.

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A brief overview of various antenna connectors, including tutorials on the subject

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Learn different ways to reduce the current draw for your next Arduino project.

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Control your RedBot programmed with Arduino using the wireless joystick and a pair of XBees!

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The Magic of MQTT

I enjoy electronics; I enjoy the outdoors; I enjoy lots in life that aren't chores.

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Introducing SparkFun's new microcontroller graphics library: HyperDisplay! What is it, why did we make it and how can I learn more about it? All your musings will be concluded right here, right now.

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Thanks for sharing this new idea. I love to follow you.

How are you going to accurately detect the line between cut and not cut grass? You have to follow that precisely and I don't know of a…

Yep, you are crazy.. but it's my kind of crazy.. My lawn robot is a 16 year old, fueled by pizza! I would include a continuous data stream…

Indeed, the video below shows such a zero-turn mower.

I have two push mowers that are radio controlled. I have mowed with them for the past two summers . Not autonomous but fun and fast. Mowing…

Seems like a garden tractor is a poor base platform for a project like this. A Zero turn mower in my mind is more appropriate because speed,…

Here's the result of our Oct 2009 weekend stab at such a project: https://youtu.be/wHyQWShZJ14 The tape…

This has been an idea I have been kicking around for a long time. When Sparkfun announced the u-blox ZED-F9P RTK GPS I immediately thought…

Coffee updates on Slack - that's a cool idea! Instead of a load cell, another option is to use the conductive foam IC's sometimes come…

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