Check out this tutorial to get started with the Microview!

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A fun holiday project to try for anyone looking to catch Santa on Christmas!

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There's still time to build this great trick or treating bag for your kid - or yourself!

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Check out this video tutorial for building your own soil moisture sensor.

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Check out this new tutorial and learn how to build your own jumbotron!

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Make this great card for Father's Day, birthdays - or any occasion with a dash of DIY is the answer.

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Check out this new guides for getting started in the world of XBee.

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One of our engineers has written a couple tutorials for one of our new favorite boards - check them out!

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Check out this new tutorial on how to use our Hot-Air Rework Station.

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With a few pieces of machinery, you can make your very own solder paste stencils to aid in surface-mount soldering.

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Test your bare LEDs with a set of hacked tweezers - and don't worry about polarity!

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Build your own Vacuum Molding machine and start making plastic parts in your home shop!

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Getting started with the Raspberry Pi? Well, SparkFun has something for you.

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Learn to Solder

Check out our beginning soldering video!

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Logging earthquake data with an accelerometer.

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We've updated our <a href="">Eagle Footprint Library</a> on the Open Circuits website (we love that place!)

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I’m guessing that Robert is recovering from some medical procedure where they had to shave his face, and is too embarrassed to be seen on…
Arduino Day is tomorrow, sale prices will only show up then.
how to buy.. i really dont getting discounted aurduino….
Great video! You know when a unicorn is not the coolest thing in your video, you’re winning! Side note - check the hyperlink for [Arduino…
I think there is a typo in the paragraph regarding motors: “of a cheap brushless DC motor” should be “of a cheap bushed motor”
Light controlled rubber band shooter? Hmm… hate to think what working at SparkFun is like on April Fool’s day… :-) Wish I could be there…
Robert, Have you gone camera shy? This is like 3 or 4 weeks in a row without the venerable new product video post that many of us have tuned…
Hahaha.. this is one of the greatest SparkFun videos ever. The servo trigger is a pretty cool little product, and Nic’s in-character singing…

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