We added a follow-up GPS tutorial to increase your GPS skills a few weeks ago. Now we want to show you a practical example with a handheld GPS coordinate logger that will pin locations for your viewing pleasure using Google Earth.

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Ramp up your GPS tracking skills with KML files and Google Earth.

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GPS has been getting updates not just 20,000 km overhead, but here on Earth, as well.

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Looking to get your feet wet with GPS? We've got just the tutorial for you! Accurately display your coordinates on a small OLED with the press of a button using hardware from our Qwiic Connect System (I2C).

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Two new GPS breakouts, the GNSS Antenna Evaluation Board and stand-alone receiver, and a high-power RGB LED!

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The AST-CAN485 is back in full force with a WiFi Shield and a 24V I/O Shield! We also have three new Qwiic boards from Zio and a GNSS Multi-Band Antenna.

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This week we have the new GPS-RTK2 Board, a LED Driver that utilizes MicroPython, and three APA102 LED Rings!

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Join us for the next episode, with special guest appearance by the Hackster DeLorean!

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I'm going to Chernobyl, and I'm taking a GPS/Radiation logger that I built with me.

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Check out my intro to Python tutorial and GPS tracking program.

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Check out a new tutorial that will help you explore using GPS!

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The ElectroDroid app on Android has a lot of calculators, LED resistor values being one of them. (Can't speak to the equivalent for iOS…

Failures are merely opportunities for ingenuity. By design... ;) I enjoyed this thoroughly!

What happened to the EDGE 2? It has disappeared from the catalog

I don't have time at the moment to track it down, and don't have it in my current cell phone, but I recall having downloaded an App on an…

Thanks for catching that! We had it in the YouTube description, but it slipped my mind here. If you refresh the page, you should see it now.…

Rob, Just a reminder: At about 13 minutes, you promised a "link below"... I don't see it... BTW, you're making me feel old... when I first…

That was some very creative and darn near ingenious engineering to pull that off. Great job!

Regardless of hidden or castellated pins, the module will heat up considerably. The trick is that the Artemis was already reflowed once to…

With the hidden pads, does the breakout board also reflow again when soldered to the target board?

FYI... what I'd do is to listen to nrf traffic for some sort of password before sending out the data dump. that makes it impossible to…

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