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Description: This is the LilyPad Rainbow LED strip, a simple seven pack of every LilyPad LED that we have, each still attached to a PCB structure letting you take it apart at your leisure to be sewn into clothing or whatever else you can dream up.

Note: The purple LED has a much higher voltage drop than other LilyPad LEDs so it will be dimmer than the others. What's voltage drop? Click here and get your learn on!

Note: A portion of this sale is given back to Dr. Leah Buechley for continued development and education of e-textiles.


  • 1x Red LilyPad LED
  • 1x Blue LilyPad LED 
  • 1x Green LilyPad LED 
  • 1x Yellow LilyPad LED 
  • 1x White LilyPad LED 
  • 1x Pink LilyPad LED 
  • 1x Purple LilyPad LED 


Comments 3 comments

  • I’m new to this, but I’ve done the reading and I don’t understand the purple being less bright. In the data sheets, the forward voltage for white is 3.3, max 4V. green is 3.2, max 3.8. for purple it’s 2.8, max 3.6. Pink was 1.9 max 2.5. So how does purple have a higher voltage drop than the others? How do I understand this when reading the data sheets? Is there another value to reference?

  • No pictures of the product working in the dark?

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