Zrn Coated Flat Cutter - 0.0625in. Diameter, #112Z (2 Pack)

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This flat mill is perfect for roughing or machining flat or primsatic parts. The cutter is coated with Ziconium Nitride, (ZrN).

ZrN is a specialty coating that makes it exceptional for temperature sensitive materials. The coating has excellent corrosion-resistance, lubricity, and is hard enough to suit many different applications.

ZrR coating has a unique ability to keep edge build-up to a minimum which makes for a better surface finish.

Note: ZrN works best for machining Titanium and Aluminum Alloys, Nickel, Brass, Copper, Cast Iron and Zinc.

  • 2x Zrn Coated Flat Cutter - 0.0625in. Diameter
  • Cutting Diameter: .0625"
  • Cutting Length: .250"
  • Shank Diameter: .125"


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