Downcut Flat Cutter - 0.25in Diameter, #251 (2 Pack)

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This flat mill is perfect for roughing or machining flat or prismatic parts. If you've got a Shapeoko, these are great cutters for the DeWalt trim router

These are downward spiral cutters, ideal to cut laminates and wood without tearing out the top side of the material.

**Note: **that these have a .250" cutter so if you've got a Nomad, you'll also need a .25" collet TOL-15038.

Note: Care must be used to have adequate chip evacuation.

  • 2x Downcut Flat Cutter - 0.25in. Diameter
  • Cutting Diameter: .250"
  • Cutting Length: .75"
  • Shank Diameter: .250"

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