Qwiic Spectral Sensor - AS7341

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The AS7341 is an 11-channel spectral sensor from AMS that covers wavelengths between 350nm to 1000nm. It features eight channels that span the visible spectrum and there's a channel for Near IR, clear, and flicker detection up to 2kHz. Point a spectral sensor at an object and it measures the reflected or absorbed electromagnetic wavelengths.

The Qwiic Spectral Sensor also includes on-board IR and white LEDs that can be used to get a better spectral reading. A 4-bit GPIO drives those LEDs and can easily be controlled through software. The LEDs are also configurable to your unique project by cutting the jumper and soldering your own through-hole white and IR LEDs.

The AS7341 communicates over I2C and is mounted on the 1x1 Qwiic board you know and love. We've even got an Arduino Library ready to go!

This board is one of our many Qwiic compatible boards! Simply plug and go. No soldering, no figuring out which is SDA or SCL, and no voltage regulation or translation required!

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  • AMS7341L 10 channel spectral sensor frontend
  • Measured spectral components: 415nm, 445nm, 480nm, 515nm, 555nm, 590nm, 630nm, 680nm, clear and near infrared
  • Operating temperatures: -30 °C to +85 °C
  • Supply Voltage: 2.7VMin, 3.3VTyp, 5.5VMax
  • Note: Qwiic bus operates at 3.3VMax
  • White LED installed for target illumination with forward current controllable up to 60 mA. Can be disabled by cutting a PCB trace
  • IR LED installed for target illumination with forward current controllable up to 60 mA. Can be disabled by cutting a PCB trace
  • External mounted LEDs can be installed using plated through-hole pads
  • Installed power LED can be turned off to avoid interfering with light measurement. Can be disabled by cutting a PCB trace
  • I2C pull-up resistors can be disabled by cutting a PCB trace
  • Dual Qwiic connectors


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