CO₂ Humidity and Temperature Sensor - SCD40 (Qwiic)

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The SCD40 from Sensirion is a high quality Photoacoustic based CO₂ sensor capable of detecting 0 to 40000ppm with the best accuracy over 400-2000ppm ±(40ppm+5%). In order to improve accuracy the SCD40 has integrated temperature and humidity sensing built-in. For additional accuracy the SCD40 also accepts ambient pressure readings!

We've written an Arduino library to make reading the CO₂, humidity, and temperature very easy. It can be downloaded through the Arduino Library manager: search for 'SparkFun SCD4x' or it can be found in the Documents tab above.

Note: The SCD40 has an automatic self-calibration routine. Sensirion recommends 7 days of continuous readings with at least 1 hour a day of 'fresh air' for self-calibration to complete.

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  • Member #690191 / about 7 months ago / 1

    I purchased this sensor at Adafruit but there was not a way to put it to work with their library. I then tried with this Sparkfun library and it is working. Now I owe a purchase from here, Sparkfun. It is strange that you use one part from the other and this happens! Use Example1_BasicReadings.ino

  • Member #1452459 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Can it be powered by 5V? Assuming that I2C would still be 3.3V.

  • Member #1502823 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Any hope for a MicroPython example?

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