iFixit Head Magnifier

Hands free magnification. Used by Jewelers, Lab Technicians, and all sorts of crafty folks.

This is an update on the classic head magnifier! The iFixit Head Magnifier has two bi-lenses (the second lens flips down from inside) and one loupe, allowing for four levels of magnification from 1.5x to 7.5x. LED lighting built in uses two AAA batteries (not included).

This head tool is also equipped with an adjustable strap with dial control to help provide a one-size-fits-all standard. The magnification loupe can be installed on either side for extra left or right eye magnification.


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  • Member #56698 / about a month ago / 1

    It would be helpful if the magnifications were specified. It provides two magnifications from the dual lenses, and another with the loupe? What are those magnifications, please? I can get 2.0 and 4.0 with readers, so if the only magnification above 4.0 is with the loupe, this product is heavy and awkward but not an improvement.

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