Qwiic To Grove Cable

The SparkFun Qwiic system is expanding greatly. But we understand there are other systems out there. The Qwiic to Grove cable allows interoperability between the SparkFun Qwiic system and the I2C based Grove boards from Seeed Studio. Now you can plug any Seeed Studio boards you may have onto the Qwiic bus. Or you can use this cable to introduce Qwiic sensors, inputs and outputs onto your Grove system.

Please note that the Grove system has a variety of different signal systems that use the same connector. This cable only works with the I2C variety.

Length: 150mm


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  • EternityForest / about 5 years ago / 1

    I wonder if the Qwiic connector could be extended to allow analog peripherals by specifying "No device may source current with less than 4.7kohm impedence or more than 3.3v".

    That way devices might not work if you plug i2c and non-i2c together, but it also would likely not break things.

    I love the idea of a standard I2C connector, but I also like the idea of a standard simple connector for power+a GPIO or two.

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