Reversible USB A to Reversible Micro-B Cable - 2m

These are your standard issue USB 2.0 type A to Micro-B 5-pin... but wait, what's this? These cables have minor, yet genius modifications that allow both ends to be plugged into their ports regardless of their orientation. No longer will you fight the USB "super position" where both orientations of your plug seem incorrect. A simple solution to a problem that nearly everyone has faced. This is one of the features we love so much about USB-C, but now it works with all your Micro-B devices as well!

This version of the Reversible USB A to Reversible Micro-B Cable is 2.0m/~6ft length and is perfect for small applications.

If you're still trying to wrap your head around the world of USB cables, why not check out our USB Buying Guide?

  • Reversible USB-A connector
  • Reversible Micro-B connector
  • 2.0 meter cable length

Reversible USB A to Reversible Micro-B Cable - 2m Product Help and Resources

Connector Basics

January 18, 2013

Connectors are a major source of confusion for people just beginning electronics. The number of different options, terms, and names of connectors can make selecting one, or finding the one you need, daunting. This article will help you get a jump on the world of connectors.


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Works as described. Convenient.

I’ve been using this as a comm link to program and power a RasPi pico. Helps not to keep looking at the orientation of the plug, when you need to simultaneously hold the boot button down on the pico and cycle the power for loading a uf2 file.

Not what I expected

Only functions as a power cable. Tried using it in both Arduino and Circuitpython to edit and upload code, no success at that. In Arduino the serial port never appears and in Circuitpython the Circuitpy drive never shoes up.

It should work with data too, I think you may have received a bad cable. We will get you a replacement sent out!