USB 2.0 Cable A to C - 3 Foot

USB C is fantastic. But until we have converted all our hubs, chargers, and ports over to USB C this is the cable you're going to need for basic USB 2.0 connections. This cable is much thinner and flexible than its 3.1 counterpart. This the cable we carry in our project boxes: perfect for USB to serial applications and for direct connection to basic microcontrollers (such as the SAMD21 or other with USB built-in).

Supporting USB 2.0 speeds and charging up to 2A, this 1 meter cable is perfect for embedded enthusiast that need the flexibility of a thinner cable and the wonderful feel of a reversible USB-C connection. The 1m/3.3ft length is perfect for laptop or desktop-hub use.

This cable has the D+/D- wires along side large-gauge VBUS/GND wires. Rated for 2A we've successfully pulled 2A@5V with minimal voltage drop. If you're looking for a the full USB C implementation checkout our USB 3.1 cable. Be sure to compare the inner wire images.

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  • Member #899103 / about 5 years ago / 1

    This cable I was only able to power the iot edge board. I couldn't use it for programming though. The USB driver never saw the board. I tried another different cable and then the driver worked.

    • santaimpersonator / about 5 years ago / 1

      Hi there, it sounds like you might be looking for technical assistance. Please use the link in the banner above, to get started with posting a topic in our forums. Our technical support team will do their best to assist you.

      I tested this cable and it should work any of our products with a USB-C connector. In your case, are you referring to the SparkFun Edge Development Board - Apollo3 Blue, which needs a serial to UART adapter like the SparkFun Serial Basic Breakout- USB-C? If so, then the Edge will not show up under the device manager when connected, your computer will only see the chip on the adapter (i.e. the CH340 for our breakout adapter). You will need to install the drivers for whichever adapter you are using (as a heads up, this CH340 on our breakout requires a different driver from our previous serial to UART adapters). If you need more assistance with this please create a post on our forums.

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