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This is a retired product. There is an updated version available: DEV-13754

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Description: Replacement:DEV-11016. The new version of this kit replaces the, now end-of-life, HMC5843 with the new HMC5883L. This page is for reference only.

Want to start playing with sensors, but don’t know where to start? This kit includes a sensor for just about every job. With everything included in this kit, you’ll be able to sense acceleration, distance, compass heading, vibration, humidity, movement, ambient light, temperature, and more! These are our favorite sensors from each category.

This version of the kit includes a flex sensor and a soft pot.

This huge assortment of sensors makes an amazing gift for that very special electronics geek; they won’t be able to thank you enough! For other great gift ideas, check out our SparkFun Gift Guide.

One of each of the below products is included in this kit, a total of twelve sensors (plus a magnet), each with a different purpose. What kind of crazy project could you whip up to make use of all of these:


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