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Qwiic Human Presence Sensor - AK9750

This is not your normal PIR! The Qwiic Human Presence Sensor - AK9750 is a passive infrared sensor with four discrete sensors built into one digital package. PIRs are most often used in security systems to detect the movement of a human walking through the room. If you've ever seen a 1" white sphere in the corner of a room, that's a PIR. We sell a simple PIR as well but the AK9750 is far more advanced. The AK9750 is a digital sensor giving you a 16-bit digital value over I2C. Furthermore, the AK9750 has four sensors built in! This allows you to detect not only presence but relative distance and direction of movement (for example: PIR2 went off then PIR4 went off so the human is moving left to right).

Each of the four sensors outputs the IR current in pico-amps (-14,286 to 14,286pA). A PIR reading can vary from roughly -200 (no human present) to 1500 when a human is detected standing in front of a given channel but it varies due to environmental factors and other heat sources in view. We've written a library to control the sensor and included a examples showing how to output the sensor readings. We've also written a Processing sketch to visualize the IR sensor readings in real time.

The Qwiic Human Presence Sensor - AK9750 is rear mounted through the 0.8mm thick PCB. Additionally, the sensor ships without a lens. We've found the sensor to perform quite well and detect human movement over 10 feet (3 meters) away without the standard Fresnel lens.

Need many eyes in the sky? The ADR jumpers allow up to 3 sensors on a bus. Need more? Our Qwiic Mux will enable up to 192 sensors for a total of 768 presence readings. Eeek!

This board includes Qwiic connectors. The Qwiic system enables fast and solderless connection between popular platforms and various sensors and actuators. You can read more about the Qwiic system here.

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  • Quad infrared sensor module
  • 16-bit reading on all four channels
  • Digital I2C Interface
  • Dual Qwiic connectors for fast connection and optional daisy-chaining
  • Voltage: 1.7 to 3.3V
  • Extremely low current: 100µA


Qwiic Human Presence Sensor - AK9750 Product Help and Resources

Qwiic Human Presence Sensor (AK9753) Hookup Guide

January 18, 2018

How to get started with your Qwiic enabled AK9753 Human Presence Sensor.


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  • It would be nice if the Interrupt pin on the sensor could be used to wake up a sleeping Micro Controller to then send the notification of the movement.

    Is there any reason the Interrupt in was not added to the library?

  • Just a very small correction - I think this can detect a person walking - not talking - through a room.;)

    • Hah! Funny enough typo I want to leave it. But alas, fixed. Thanks Bjoern.

  • Is this an AK9752 or AK9750 part? I think the title might be wrong...

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