Qwiic Quad Relay

The Qwiic Quad Relay is a product designed for switching not one but four high powered devices from your Arduino or other low powered microcontroller using I2C. It's rocking four relays rated up to 5 Amps per channel at 250VAC or 30VDC. Each channel has its own uniquely colored LED and silk for easy identification, and screw terminals for easy connection.

The board is made to integrate easily into the Qwiic environment with Qwiic connectors on each side for daisy chaining. At the heart of the product is an ATtiny84 that takes various commands to toggle the four relays. The I2C address of the ATtiny84A is software configurable so if you had the desire and power, you could daisy chain up to 127 Qwiic Quad Relays and power 508 devices (please don't). There is also a header that breaks out the four I2C lines if you're not taking advantage of the Qwiic connector.

The barrel jack is rated for wall adapters in the range 7-15V but there is a jumper on the underside for wall adapters at 5V.

Messing with such high voltage can be dangerous! We've included many safety precautions onto the PCB including, wide traces designed for high amperage, ground isolation between the relay and other circuitry, and a milled out area around the common pin of the relay.

HOWEVER, with all the safety precautions included in the product, this is still a product for people experienced around, and knowledgeable about HIGH AC voltage. If that's not quite your jam, then take a look at our IoT Power Relay!
Heads up! You can only use up to three relays when using our 9V/650mA Wall Adapter because of heat of the onboard regulator. If you close the jumper on the underside and pair it with our 5V/2A Wall Adapter than you sidestep the voltage regulator and the heating issue which allows you to use all four.
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  • Four JZC-11F Relays
    • 5A at 250VAC, 30VDC
    • Each relay has its own colored LED and silk labels for easy identification.
  • Safey Features
    • Ground pour isolated from relays.
    • Air gap around common pin on the relays.
    • Large trace width on relay pins far exceeding the peak 5A current.
  • ATtiny84A
    • I2C commands for toggling individual relays or all the relays at once.
    • I2C commands for turning all relays off or on.
    • Two I2C addresses: 0x6D, 0x6C (version x02)
    • I2C address is software configurable.
    • All commands are listed in the example code.
  • **Screw Terminals **
    • 26-14 Gauge AWG wire
  • Power
    • Max Current Draw ~500mA
    • Dropout Voltage is ~7.4V

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Qwiic Quad Relay Hookup Guide

January 3, 2019

SparkFun’s Qwiic Quad Relay is a product designed for switching not one but four high powered devices from your Arduino or other low powered microcontroller using I2C.


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  • Seems like this is just all wrong. The datasheet for the relay used says it wants 9V minimum to engage and you are trying to run it on 5V, then you used a regulator too small to deliver enough current to drive all four at once. Worse you have the coils on the regulated supply with the data so you pretty much voided the benefit of the optoisolators since you have a direct path for spikes to get from the relays to the digital side.

    Seems like all existing problems would vanish if you relabeled the DC jack 9-12V, reroute the relay side V+ to a point between the reverse polarity protection diode and the regulator and recalculated the dropping resistors for the indicator LEDs.

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