A guest post from Bill Premerlani regarding the new firmware updates for the MatrixPilot Project and the UDB5.

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Sweeping legal changes are afoot that could change the hobbyist airspace for years to come. Your input can make a difference.

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We really want to do a fun and amazing project here in Engineering and want to know your thoughts.

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Check out this brief recap from the fine folks at 3D Robotics

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^^And this is why I love your company. I’ve met you, your wife, and nearly all your staff and I have to say that all of them are wonderful.
As the person that owns said business website I feel it’s my duty as a human and as a business person to push for positive change. I hear…
1) You are wrong: https://blog.adafruit.com/2016/06/26/a-neopixel-necklace-to-celebrate-lgbt-pride-her_nerdiness-pride2016/ 2) If you’ve…
Hey folks, we’re always in favor of open discussion and this comments section has actually been super nice today but we have hidden a…
But really wanna see a magneto-based (magnetic ?) bullet stopper. Oh, never mind - did a rough calc to determine power. Would require a…
Funny, I didn’t notice Adafruit making hackers into an LGBT issue. What I did notice is that Adafruit has had a lot more interesting new…
I’d do it with LADAR rather than GPS… So if you have a no gps bonus that would be nice… Paul
Thank you for putting it this way! No technology or field is neutral. When I encounter people who insist that there are, “actually”, neutral…
At the end of the day, hacking is hacking is hacking is hacking. Thanks, Nick!
Thank you for this excellent post. As a bi person, the engineering space can be very isolating. Thanks for doing your part to help. Also, my…

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