Nick Poole shows us how to make a Captain America shield with ELastoLite!

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Motion Graphics Designer Nic makes a special appearance to show us how he added SparkFun heating pads to the seats of his slammin' 1990 Honda Civic wagon.

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Joel shows us how to build a handheld pH sensor to regulate his aquaponics system.

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Engineer Chris went to Burning Man, and needed some solar power for his project. Thus, a Roundtable was born.

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In this month's episode of "Engineering Roundtable," Nick Poole works on his DIY pinball machine!

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Mechanical Engineer Paul shows us his system for keeping SparkFun's mech shop tools running smoothly!

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Check out Joel's latest creation in this week's episode of "Engineering Roundtable."

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We have an update on the happenings for AVC and another episode of "Engineering Roundtable."

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Check it out as Nick does some research for his DIY pinball machine.

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Check it out as Joel connects his electric blanket to the internet!

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Today we have another project from Inventory Nick Poole!

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I was hoping for a good buy on the newest Pi on 3.14.15…
I quite like Sick of Beige. They don’t fully enclose the board, but they cover enough. Plus, I can laser cut my own on my (edit: eBay…
So.. This is probably a blatant newbie question, but if I am only connected to my RPi via SSH (because I’m at work!) how can I tell what…
Nifty - any future plans for an arm that will maintain relative orientation of the object picked up?
nothing with googly eyes looks like it belongs in the washer, so there’s that sorted out. And socks don’t have to be female…that’s ships.…
I miss the summary video, and the beard.
I agree with Kamiquasi that it’s not just the box that is the problem. The box, the front/back panels (if applicable) the stand-offs, the…
OK - good news - I know this is a bit of an old blog, however I visited Xilinx in Ireland this week (March 2015) and they have developed a…

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