One of our Italian customers took our Third Hand Kit and kind of sort of actually made it cooler.

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Our very own Derek wrote a book! While we wait for the June publishing date, we asked him how it went.

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A SparkFun customer wows us with the project he made using one of our sponsorships!

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Our friend Jerome built an amazing Iron Man suit - check it out!

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We sat down with engineering superheroes Jeri and Rick at this year's Consumer Electronics Show to talk about castAR, Kickstarter and the value of accidental discoveries!

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We were lucky enough to have Aaron come to SparkFun to talk about his projects for kids!

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Robert Beatty and his daughters are going to take over the world.

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Check out our chat with Tarek Dajani of Geek Express.

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Check out our chat with the masterminds behind the Brooklyn Robot Foundry - a center in NY dedicated to teaching and inspiring kids to get involved in DIY electronics in fun new ways.

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We talked to Jenn about her involvement with the open source and maker movements in Vermont, as well as educational projects with SparkFun!

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Check out our Q & A with Asa Alger, creator of the Adventure Box!

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Stephanie talks with us about the creation of her awesome LED Quiet Book pages!

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Check out this interview we did with the creator of flirc!

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We're hanging out in #sparkfun on Stop in and say hello! And new products.

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