Soldering Iron Kit

Note: This was one of our April Fool's products for 2011. Sadly, it's not real.

A soldering iron is an essential tool for any electronics hobbyist. We decided to put together a soldering iron kit that will get you soldering in no time. The kit includes all the basic components needed to make your very own soldering iron. We've even included a custom enclosure for your project to give it a more finished look when you're done.

Note. This kit requires some basic through-hole soldering. We recommend the SparkFun Soldering Iron Kit to put this kit together.

  • Lead-free capable
  • Temperature adjustable from 220-480°C (428-896°F)
  • Includes 900M tip
  • 50W Iron
  • SparkFun Logo!


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  • Requires soldering iron (not included) for assembly. This should be called a "Soldering Irony Kit".

  • I would totally buy this, regardless of the mild insanity.

  • man.. out of stock already!

    • It makes perfect sense, you buy this kit because you need a soldering iron, thus you buy this kit, so the demand is infinite!

    • Of course. There's an infinite backlog of half-soldering soldering irons over in Product Development.

  • Apart from the circular dependency it's Not a bad Idea actually...

    • Could even be neat to convert a cheapo soldering iron into an adjustable one.

  • Yo dawg, we got a soldering iron for your soldering iron...

  • I can't seriously be the only one ever to solder with a bunsen burner and a piece of metal rod ... Or could I ? I like the kit! even if it is indeed an april fools joke.

  • Iron with SparkFun Logo... you need to make this or at least make stickers available. Surprised it wasn't digital though.

    • There are irons with a SparkFun logo:

  • Argh! I wanted to build this to have a spare soldering iron at home! WHY MUST THIS BE FAKE?!

  • This one truly almost got me...curse April Fool's Day!

  • Does this come with a sponge? It really should for proper maintenance.
    One of those nifty sponges that has embedded instant water would really help round out the kit.

  • what about if we neeed to upgrade are radio shack firestarter, Why arent you selling this i was going to buy it

  • i thought this was an actual product. shows how gullible I am :D

  • Thank you fpr the funny soldering iron kit.
    But if you think over it, it would really be a PERFECT addition to a fixed wattage soldering iron ... AND it has the Sparkfun logo on it :)

  • Am I the only one that realized this doesn't come with the iron itself?

  • For those who bother about the "out of stock"
    This soldering iron if from china-brand AOYUE. Look on eBay for AOYUE 936. Its the same as this one with a little less power.

  • ... This should be real.

  • Reminds me of this:

  • Being safety minded, I replaced a worn rubber cable gland on a soldering iron I had previously built from a discarded broken weller in a new aluminium enclosure.
    This presented me with the same recursive conundrum, how to solder the mains wiring back into the transformer after putting in a more robust cable gland!!
    The car battery and a 12V soldering iron saved the day! Keep a 12V iron lying around for similar recursive conundra and power blackouts...

  • Happy AFD SFE!

  • Whaaah! I'd buy this, I hope it's real.
    You pedants are missing the point. Yes, you'd need a regular iron to build this variable-temperature iron. Nothing circular or recursive about this.

  • I might buy it if just for parts for the one I already have. I have a SparkFun iron with a bad heating element that I'm looking for a replacement for, the original Hakko element doesn't seem to be compatible.

  • I love April fools day...

  • Infinite Loop! Solder your soldering iron kit with you soldering kit?

  • Oh, this one is EVIL! It's like being told to send an e-mail to report that your e-mail isn't working (something that happened to me once, actually). I'd complain about it, but first I have to solder my modem to my acoustic coupler, and I can't assemble the durned soldering iron.
    It makes me want to recurse in front of children!

  • Recurse much?

  • what? no iron?
    dont see it in the pic

  • Actually, it's not a bad idea at all. Perfect for the person who has started out with a cheap, fixed wattage iron and wants to graduate to a nice temperature controlled iron. All the soldering for this could be done with a cheap iron like

  • It's totally doable if it were a wire-wrap kit.

  • You should actually sell this kit, it would be an amusing Christmas gift.

  • want. Its not a cruel gift, it smacks of self replications, use you iron to build your friends for cheaper.

  • I hate to say it but you haven't included the actual iron. You know, the part that plugs into the base (which is pictured), into which the (included) tip should be inserted?

  • OK that's the SECOND one. You ain't gonna fool me a THIRD time!
    Looks like some took apart a returned soldering station for the photo, you can tell by the short leads on those parts.

  • is a schematic going to be released?

  • wow... that would be a cruel gift.

  • That looks like a Hakko.

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