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I’m a Hawaiian-born arithmophile with chromatographemic synesthesia. I was once able to hear air molecules striking my ear drum. Another time I ate over a pound of black jelly beans in an afternoon and suffered mild licorice poisoning. Some day I plan to visit space.

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Director of Information Technology, SparkFun Electronics

Spoken Languages

English, Spanish, bits of Greek and Swahili


Several NES games including all the MegaMans and Dr. Mario


Twitter: @Frencil


Heartbleed, or CVE-2014-0160, is a pretty serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, one of the more popular libraries for encrypting communications on the internet, and its exposure this week has the internet on high alert. You can read about the details behind the bug at Heartbleed.com, but here’s…

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In Which We Are Not Having Fun

Hey everyone. As you might know, we had a pretty good sale on a bunch Arduino products on Saturday. Well, it turns out it may have been too good. We smashed our previous record for orders in a day, set on last year’s Cyber Monday. Back then the high water mark was around 4,000 orders, and on…

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You have been randomly selected to serve on the next Dog Tribunal!

That’s what the recent email in my inbox said. I was randomly selected as the director on the dog tribunal for this January. It’s the SparkFun equivalent of jury duty, and it saved our dog privileges. Many moons ago SparkFun was a lot smaller. The first dogs began showing up at work…

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SparkFun's Going to Amsterdam!

Conferences are a subculture unto themselves. Folks here at SparkFun have attended many conferences over the years in many capacities - as red-shirted guests, speakers, sponsors, all the way up to running huge soldering tents. This year SparkFun is hitting the road to a few places that we’ve…

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Cyber Monday 2013 Recap

In 2005, Shop.org supposedly coined the term Cyber Monday for, in their view, the biggest online shopping day of the year. At present occurring mainly in the U.S. and Canada, this is a weird time of year where both stores and people binge on capitalism. Traditionally, big markdowns and stampeding…

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On Breaking Things... Again

Back in August we pushed out a big change to the entire SparkFun.com stack. All the good stuff was happening under the hood and by all rights it should have been one of those “transparent” changes - nobody outside of our own dev group would know or care what changed and everything would…

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On Counting Things

Here at SparkFun we have a big warehouse filled with stuff. A lot of that stuff you see here on SparkFun.com for sale. Most things we only have a few of or a few hundred of. The most of one thing we ever had in stock that was for sale was our 6 Pin Arduino Stackable Header. While today we have just…

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Free Day, Lotteries, and Tours

Last week, Free Day 2013 came to an end. Free Day is a strange beast in the SparkFun menagerie. It started in January 2010 with $100k in free orders in a mad rush. A year later $150k in promo codes went free in an equally mad rush involving customer seniority, quiz questions, and a hefty kick to…

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SparkFun and Censorship

Today a lot of sites are blacked out in some form or another. Here's a quick list of the big ones (of which I'm aware): Google Wikipedia Craigslist Reddit All Make sites including MakerShed Wired and even our pals at Adafruit have a banner. They're doing so in protest of SOPA and PIPA -…

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Free Day 2012 is Under Way!

Free Day 2012 is upon us! The event has begun and now is the time to try for your $100 share of $200,000! Aside from participating in the game itself here are some other ways to stay connected: Hop on the official SparkFun IRC channel. In the past this channel has ballooned to over a thousand users!…

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SparkFun Tours ThinkGeek

Nate knocked on my door a couple months ago recommending a trip to ThinkGeek. This company, known for its excellent line of physical geekery, is apparently not so unlike SparkFun in a variety of ways. The standard-issue ThinkGeek cube.  This one's home to Kochis. For one, ThinkGeek rolled…

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Open Source ALL the Things!

For a time now SparkFun has been making a name for itself as a player in the Open Source Hardware game. We helped draft OSHW Version 1.0 and are regular contributors at the Open Source Hardware Summit in New York. This is a point of pride for us. It's something we truly believe in and that's…

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Dispatches from Maker Faire Detroit

Ahoy Makers! July 31 and August 1 was Maker Faire Detroit in Dearborn, MI. Oh what fun it was. Like any Maker Faire it was filled with all manner of inspiring sights, stimulating sounds, and searing heat from random bursts of flame. Unlike other fairs I've attended, however, Detroit's most…

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Return of the Quiz

If the Free Day Announcement was the beginning and the Free Day Event the exalted sequel, then today marks the completion of the trilogy! Okay, so it's not that epic. But the quiz is back. Check it out! The questions look just as they did before but without all that pesky Free Day logic. Flip…

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Yarn Monster

Q: What's small, remote controlled, able to eat yarn and excrete perfectly formed yarn balls? A: Yarn Monster! Yarn Monster was conceived when SparkFun customer Todd Treece was helping his girlfriend with some knitting.  Ensnared by the tedious task of balling the yarn manually, Todd had…

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SparkFun Levels Up!

Welcome to the new SparkFun.com! In any respectable RPG when you slay just the right number of blue mushroom zombies your level increases. The developers of the SparkFun IT Department have been hacking away at such creatures for months and today our level has most definitely ascended. SparkFun.com…

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Avast ye Hackers!

Like all branches of the multi-branch tree-beast that SparkFun has grown into over the years, IT has developed very organically and at a varying pace. It started years ago when there was no concept of "IT" at SparkFun and I was brought on to do minor things like adding those little color…

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The T in IT stands for Toys

IT has been acquiring some new toys!  Things are expanding quickly around here and we're having fun trying to keep up.  Here's a look at some of the gear we use to keep the SparkFun website and our HQ rolling along... Say hello to SparkFun's brand new servers!  These four beasts are…

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Holy Smokes!

A common IT euphemism for something spontaneously breaking is a “fire”.  A good day at SparkFun IT is one where there are no fires to put out.Looks like our credit card gateway, Authorize.net, had a bit of fire themselves yesterday. Only theirs was for real! The service went down…

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