Celebrate Arduino Day with these great deals!

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We've got some tasty deals to help you celebrate 3/14/15!

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We hope you enjoyed the madness as much as we did.

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Have you picked up the parts for your next wearables project?

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If you ever wanted to explore the world of wearables, now is your chance!

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Things are about to change forever for SparkFun!

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We continue to grow at our home at Longbow.

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SparkFun moves up to a "real building" - business ensues

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With SparkFun moving forward, we take a glance at the past.

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A limited time sale on some of great data-centric products!

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A look behind the scenes as a bunch of stuff went on sale, leading to SparkFun's biggest week ever.

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Monday, November 26 is Cyber Monday and SparkFun is getting in on the action.

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After all these years Luigi got fed-up at Mario always taking the spotlight. After this, that would not be a problem.
Fueled by jealousy and a lifetime of sibling rivalry, Luigi plots to ensure he will never again hear, “Sorry, but the princess is in your…
In hindsight, sitting Luigi next to Koopa in SparkFun’s workshops couldn’t have ended well.
Luigi, determined to make a splash at Maker Faire one way or another, searches SparkFun for the final 8 bits.
Well structured Shell coding, will make Coopa Troopa come out of his shell! Coopa@Troopa:~$ cat Coopashell | grep “It'sa me…. Luigy!”
Jim, was Spocks half brother. He was so entrenced in solving the latest problem he didn’t notice the killer robot had silently moved up…
↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A
Luigi debugs an attempt to use a wrench
Excerpt from Luigi’s first Mushruino project: //Once shell is within 1 ft of leader… if (leaderDeathStareRating > 1000){ leaderItem =…
When your blue shell blue screens “shutdown -r -f” is your only hope.

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