Today we show you a few new products and give you the inside scoop on Cyber Monday.

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A look behind the scenes as a bunch of stuff went on sale, leading to SparkFun's biggest week ever.

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Monday, November 26 is Cyber Monday and SparkFun is getting in on the action.

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Hmm, maybe they’ve gotten better in the last 3-4 years since I made that comment.
I live in Madison, too, and Radioshack is the best we have. But, don’t fear! Their DIY electronics sections is pretty decent - even has some…
I know that Radioshack really isn’t that special - it’s everywhere, but the ones in Madison, Wisconsin could certainly use some of your…
It’s doable but awkward. One of the things that you can do with the arduino ide is upload a given board flavor’s bootloader with an attched…
Excellent article. Months ago I had peeked at this and got scared and ran away. Nice to have a friendly guide with a machete. A related…
Very interesting article. I had always wondered where the main() function was, thanks for the read!
That is awesome. One thing I miss about MS products was QBasic. It was accessible to non-technical people to learn. It was very simple as…
It is called “vendor lock-in”. I used to deal with this all the time in industrial control systems. However, as time has gone on the vendors…
Looks like is WAS $20 back in December time frame:

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