Today we show you a few new products and give you the inside scoop on Cyber Monday.

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A look behind the scenes as a bunch of stuff went on sale, leading to SparkFun's biggest week ever.

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Monday, November 26 is Cyber Monday and SparkFun is getting in on the action.

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For my everyday writing I use Google Docs which allows me to freely share and collaborate without the added cost of buying software and it…
I would also really love to know the answer to this. I’m considering writing a lab manual for a class I teach and I have no idea what…
I had, what thankfully was a rather rare path, in that I grew up as a crippled child in the 60s. I have osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle…
Definitely! We have competitors and spectators coming from all over the place - as far as Europe.
Trip from KSU South Campus to Niwot, CO ~20 h 41 min, each way 1,412 miles, ~19 h 19 min without traffic Estimated gas expenses: $332.60…
Never underestimate the power of an inquisitive kid with a soldering iron and a hot melt glue gun!
Derek, I am about to start writing a technical book - in the naval architecture space (highly technical topic). My question is what software…
Trilogies are all the rage these days!
Thank you and keep your eyes open…
The book itself is not open source, Though it is based off of our instructional materials called Hot Sheets around Processing. You can find…

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