SparkFun's drivers for MS Windows are now signed!

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SparkFun is taking steps to ensure that our user community is a safe space. That means we need to make a few changes.

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After a decade of debate and public outcry last summer, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler issued a statement today promising to protect the open Internet.

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SparkFun joins a slew of websites across the net protesting the FCC's plans to gut Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality and the open internet: why it's important, how it's at risk today, and what you can do about it right now.

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SparkFun has reacted quickly to protect ourselves and our customers against the Heartbleed vulnerability

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Today, 10% of all SparkFun sales will be donated to the EFF.

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We've never seen a subpoena before, have you? Check this out...

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SparkFun has now decided to take an official position on the matter and stands with our fellow citizens of the internet by opposing SOPA and PIPA!

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If the analysis based on ‘codebender’ usage, no statistical veracity. If just an advertorial, then understand basis of the blog entry.…
How about having a pie chart showing the relative percentages of (recent) SparkFun sales of various “flavors” of Arduinos and compatibles?
Downside to the Trinket (from Adafruit) is that it has a “faked” USB connection – it reduces parts count (thus both price and size), but it…
I don’t mean to sound rude, but claiming that these numbers actually represent Arduino usage at large is a stretch, at BEST. I’ve never even…
Let the staff relax, have a few cold ones and start filling orders again the next day. ( I would wager that racking up time-and-a-half eases…
The ending time didn’t end up biting me, but a co-worker was looking through stuff trying to decide on his first Arduino purchase, then he…
I like the Pro Minis as well (never used a trinket). I have to agree though, I think the basic Uno and Redboard users are a lot more likely…
Hey Steve123, Vasilis from codebender here. The whole pain in the 32U4 comes from mainly the way it’s programmed, which is a hack upon a…
FWIW, personally my “favorite” is the 5V ProMini, second is the 5V Trinket, third 3V ProMini. I guess Trinket owners, like me, don’t use…
“The Leonardo, by the way, is much lower than I expected. It goes to show that issues with the way the Leonardo’s programming was…

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