Arduino Day was pretty successful. Unfortunately, everything is broken.

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Rough notes on our rationale for switching databases.

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The devs switch underlying databases for and somehow, miraculously, the sky stays put firmly up above.

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In which we change some things in the database, and it's not exactly a simple task, and some things break. Lessons learned. etc.

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Just a note about SKU/BarCodes. There is a large bottler of beverages out there. This bottler had an inspired employee helping to optimize…
Prepare for the complement [sic] sandwich… I like the initial idea. It attempts to tackle a problem that is perceived to exist. The people…
maybe add a sticker printer that prints out labels that will last in refrigeration and be easily removed (they exist)
what about different sized containers too? that way you could grab a “cup” of raisins for a snack, just as easily as grabbing a cup of…
Terrific idea. Refrigeration, fresh foods (fruits and vegetables) and using existing containers do seem like necessary, and challenging…
Let me be the first to blow a big fat raspberry your way (no offense intended). A couple of slightly more useful rejoinders (rather than the…
This is a very cool idea. But reading the comments (which match my own initial reservations) is that the retrieval and dispensing system…
My eyesight probably isn’t so great so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was a Smart PANTRY project and not some kinky fetish…
All comments, so far :D, have been positive, but this thing will never work. You must not have real people living in your house for this to…
SeeedStudio is shipping them;

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