Arduino Day was pretty successful. Unfortunately, everything is broken.

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Rough notes on our rationale for switching databases.

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The devs switch underlying databases for and somehow, miraculously, the sky stays put firmly up above.

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In which we change some things in the database, and it's not exactly a simple task, and some things break. Lessons learned. etc.

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Good call. I usually forget to do this (unless I’m working with uint8_t), since I’m so used to “int,” but specifically calling out the byte…
Programming for 8, 32, and 64 bit systems, I personally prefer to use names such as “uint8_t”, “int64_t”, etc. so that it’s clear if it’s…
October? Really? Did you forget about the weather in Colorado in October? It frequently snows, and/or rains a lot.
PPPRS is scheduled for these dates in Denver, so I’m guessing at the Maker Faire.
Interesting. Maybe AVC at Maker Faire??
This is the same weekend as Denver Maker Faire. That’s going to be a tough choice for many of the makers in the area.
Right, but in the context of that table it is the Arduino platform. I’m not sure if the Arduino pre-processing stuff defines it as int8_t or…
According to Arduino’s reference page, char is signed (-128 to 127), so you are correct in that…
Poop on a stick! My other vacation is during those dates :(
We’ve got more news coming soon but for right now all we can give is the date. Thanks for the question!

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