Arduino Day was pretty successful. Unfortunately, everything is broken.

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Rough notes on our rationale for switching databases.

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The devs switch underlying databases for and somehow, miraculously, the sky stays put firmly up above.

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In which we change some things in the database, and it's not exactly a simple task, and some things break. Lessons learned. etc.

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Any prize for spotting the shirt that says “I pooped today”
Any prize for spotting Rob of days long past?
Oh wow, thanks! You guys sure seem like you have a fun and relaxed working environment there at SparkFun
You’re not crazy. You’re so not crazy, in fact, that as the first to find the Power Ranger, you’ve won a [LilyPad Design…
Am I crazy or did I see a Power Ranger and a stein of beer in there?
Your project sounds awesome! The pull-down resistor actually solves both of the problems that you brought up. If you attach a large resistor…
Such an inspiring idea! I’ve recently bought a load of soft pots to make thin interface for photoshop and I’m considering this, thank you.…
Behavioral or Structural? VHDL is my favorite, structural way is for hardware oriented people while behavioral is for software inclined. I…
Next step: reflow solder components at the same time
Add a USB port to your ring binder. Locate your wireless charging rings thoughtfully on each page so that when you plug in your ring binder,…

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