Arduino Day was pretty successful. Unfortunately, everything is broken.

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Rough notes on our rationale for switching databases.

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The devs switch underlying databases for and somehow, miraculously, the sky stays put firmly up above.

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In which we change some things in the database, and it's not exactly a simple task, and some things break. Lessons learned. etc.

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>>Why have a box on your dryer that sends you a text when your load of laundry is done when you could have an orphaned sock on your dryer…
Why enclose? To protect the circuit from the cat. To protect the cat from the circuit (some of mine are hundreds of volts). Thermal control,…
I just designed and printed an enclosure for my RPi model 2s. It just barely fit on a Printrbot Simple (also 4x4x4). It’s rectangular, sorry…
Back in the 60s, when I was a kid, I had to make my meager allowance stretch as far as possible. Often, the box specified for the project I…
Why enclose? I’ve built analog projects, especially where I needed the solid connection of solder, by not trimming leads and simply…
Now that’s thinking outside the box!
I have an entire box of objects with negative space inside. Or objects in which i can create negative space. The more something blends in to…
Mint tins (Altoid - thanks 1oz!), cigar boxes, match boxes - have often served as enclosures. There’s enclosures in lots of things you buy…

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