Arduino Day was pretty successful. Unfortunately, everything is broken.

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Rough notes on our rationale for switching databases.

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The devs switch underlying databases for and somehow, miraculously, the sky stays put firmly up above.

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In which we change some things in the database, and it's not exactly a simple task, and some things break. Lessons learned. etc.

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Just noticed that the serial header is SMD. I’d be inclined to make it PTH, as this is something that can be susceptible to some stress, and…
Without knowing the range of use cases, can’t say for sure if it is a flaw. The thing I noticed was that you used fairly large power MOSFETs…
Strapping to connect the level shifter to V1 or V2?
I’m not sure if this is the case, but it almost looks like there are a few isolated ground planes around the power supply region.
I would second the usefulness of ham radio in this endeavour. With the right license and equipment the HF/MF/LF bands are accessible, and…
That might be just a bad picture/angle. There are several pins that have that same dark spot that looks like a hole where there should be…
I’m assuming the bottom left-most header pin isn’t soldered to the board for a reason? That seems more like an assembly error than a board…
Playing “Devil’s Advocate”, I’m curious about how you test the Pi AVR Programmer Hat (since it’s…
Although dksmall caught that the silkscreen has values rather than designators (for a design this small, I’m OK with that), there are at…
OK, OK, I’ll take time out from being a “care giver” (why you haven’t heard as much from me lately) and type at least one in. The last…

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