There's so much arguing over code on the internet. Let's try to get to the bottom of the debate.

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What has Pete been up to? Playing with flying robots, actually.

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It's time for another visit with everyone's favorite Director of Engineering!

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We've got some fresh "According to Pete" for your viewing pleasure!

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Director of Engineering Pete Dokter is back for another episode of "According to Pete"

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For this month's installment of According to Pete, our director of engineering demystifies current mirrors.

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Pete Dokter is back at it in this edition of "According to Pete."

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In the November edition of According to Pete, our intrepid engineering director drops some transistor knowledge on us.

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Check out today's episode of "According to Pete."

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We're back with another edition of "According to Pete."

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This month, Pete talks logging. With plaid, but no flapjacks.

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Check out this month's episode of "According to Pete."

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Are you chock full of brilliant ideas? Then perhaps we have a contest for you.

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Check it out as Pete crafts his own time machine.

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Yes, Adafruit’s IO is cool. Also if you want a mix of GPIO control, Z-Wave devices, dashboards, and mobiles apps on free platform.…
Kudos for the understated subtlety.
You know what is a nice dream? A nice, universal programming language that actually becomes universal. Not one that wants to be, but is only…
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