Pierce the Veil This Halloween With a Glowing Talking Skull

If the spooky messages you’re getting from beyond the grave seem vague and disjointed to you, maybe some blinky lights can help to accent the important parts. #funkydemonspeak

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Electronics projects based on holidays have always seemed chintzy and contrived to me...except for Halloween. That one’s always more sincere, but maybe just because it’s my favorite holiday? I’ve always found my greatest inspiration around Halloween, and this year is no different. All of the pieces fell into place to make a really sweet glowing and talking skull --- especially once I found that I could buy a big glass (OK, resin) skull on Amazon for 36 bucks. My own “crystal” skull?? Who could say no to this?

This project melds my glass skull with an MP3 trigger board, a couple of Class-D amplifier breakout boards, a SAMD21 Breakout, two of our big surface transducers and a pair of our forthcoming Lumenati 8-pack LED boards. The net result is a glass skull that lights up brightly when the spirits deem to convey their wisdom. Or sometimes just screams, as the spirits can be fickle. Now go scare some kids!

Interested in learning more about LEDs?

See our LED page for everything you need to know to start using these components in your project.

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  • ME heat o nator / about 7 years ago / 1

    Pete, the way you braided and routed the wires on that board makes it a work of art!

    • Aw, shucks. I've always done that. But it can bite you in the butt, too. I once did a loom like that with something like 10 wires, and one of them had a 13MHz clock signal on it. I managed to couple that 13MHz to every other lead in the loom. It was an RFID project, so I thought I was getting some bleed from the antenna, which sent me down the wrong path for a couple of days...

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