We're excited to announce the winners of the SparkFun Actobotics Stairclimber Challenge!

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A new tutorial to help you get started with robotics using Actobotics.

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Robotic gripper arms, Actobotics stuff, and more! Check out the New Product Post.

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Tons of new stuff this week including some Actobotics kits, robot parts, and more.

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Kits, mounts, and buttons! Check out what we have for this week.

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Yeah, they’re up in Canada eh. Check robotmarketplace.com. They sell most of the Fingertech stuff and they’re in the US. Their shipping is a…
Honestly, it’s possible, but not recommended. You really want/need a speed controller instead since relays just aren’t optimum for reversing…
that’s HSMXpress. It’s a FREE plugin for Solidworks for basic 2.5D CAM stuff. It’s really nice. I’ve been using it for a couple years. You…
Now you need theme music (sung to the tune of Sgt. Pepper’s…) “Sgt. Cuddles Antweight Combat ‘Bot”
Great videos! One question, in the first video, you show Solidworks (or a plug-in) or something, running your CAM simulation. What software…
Be aware that Finger Tech Robotics is a Canadian company. Be SURE to check with your credit card company BEFORE ordering, as some credit…
Robert, awesome video series!!! My son and I are working on a Battlebot with a sheet metal frame (it’s simple & we don’t have CNC access).…
Good questions. I did the design in solidworks and manually added the parts that I bought (added their weight with the models), and then…
Something that you didn’t cover was exactly how heavy Sgt. Cuddles weighs and if you had to make any design changes to choose lighter (or…
Also, if he’s not wanting to battle at this point check out some of our kits. The Redbot Basic…

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