Our newest (sorta-Python-related) tutorial shows you a few ways to run a script whenever a Raspberry Pi boots up.

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In the latest Python tutorial series, we look at loading MicroPython onto six different microcontroller development boards.

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We've updated our popular "Raspberry Pi SPI and I2C Tutorial" with some Python examples.

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If you're looking to make your own dashboard or slick graphical interface, Python can help you out with the Tkinter package.

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Whether you are teaching a class or want to create a dashboard to plot sensor data, the matplotlib Python package has you covered! We introduce a new guide that walks you through the basics of using matplotlib.

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A quick look at the default IDEs that come with the Raspbian for developing Python applications.

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Frist it’s a great video, we also think it very useful But i have a suggestion. For me i comeform Pakistan,this things are expensive. If…
Does this code working. I tried but there is an error.
I wouldn’t worry too much about 0.15% Sb (if it were 5%, then I’d be worried), at least not for electronics. Avoiding breating the smoke,…
Hey Sembazuru, Good points for sure! 1. If you don’t plan on cleaning with water (or can’t), then maybe a “no-clean” solder would be a…
Hey 773, I definitely agree. The Weller WE1010 we used in the studio, the high-precision flush…
Or, if you don’t need to save the cap, there’s always the grab-with-pliers-and-squeeze approach.
Although it’s a great video, I do have a couple of comments: First, you don’t have to have all that fancy equipment. A much more minimalist…
Right you are. Both issues have been fixed. Thanks for the sharp eye.
A couple points about the video. 1. Water soluble flux core solder: Ok, the water soluble flux is easier to clean because water will clean…
I wish SparkFun would make a 30 amp version of this board. I’m having to look to your competition to find one (gasp!).

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