Our newest hacker team is working remotely with us from Amsterdam to make a group-played instrument.

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This was an incredibly cool event, thanks again to SparkFun for coming back to SXSW. My 7 year old daughter soldered for the first time…
SXSW Create was a ton of fun! It was awesome getting to visit you guys and make a Badger. The Badgerstick and the SMD LED Matrix are both…
For people who are curious - some graphs: imgur.com/a/E1JvX ( There were supposed to be some in an Arduino Day…
At this point, we’re not quite ready to comment. But we’re working on gathering our thoughts and putting something out there soon.
I’m also curious about this. Partially because I care about the future of Arduino. Partially because I’m curious about the state of products…
Is Sparkfun ready or willing to comment on the direction of Arduino LLC and Arduino SRL? Regardless of the Make article from Massimo…
Yeah, Im still working through my pile of arduinos I got last year and my radioshack closing pile.
If you were wanting an Uno R3, you might want to check out the RedBoard.
We had 3 weeks worth of these built and available as of Friday morning. But, unfortunately, 2 orders were placed that day that wiped us out…

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