Make your own digital handpan drum using the Teensy Audio Shield and the Teensy's built-in capacitive touch inputs.

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Our newest hacker team is working remotely with us from Amsterdam to make a group-played instrument.

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My wife and kids recently found a kit for making cement stepping stones at a hobby store, and for a greatly discounted price. It comes with…
My suggestion is walkway tiles that light up when you step on them! You’d probably need alot of concrete….
I used concrete countertop style concrete for a bathroom floor due to mechanical constraints. It had a ton of additives including chopped…
Or from your roommate or wife, with a request of “Please do use this,.. next time”.
This is inspired! One suggestion: consider Glad Press'n Seal Wrap (or maybe there’s some equivalent) for waterproofing circuitry prior to…
I really like the idea of using freezer food cardboard. The texture would produce a smooth result and it would be easier to cut to form…
A couple of ways you could waterproof your connections is (1) seal them in hotglue or (2) epoxy resin. I have done both and can say my thumb…
Purists will point out that there are differences between cement, concrete, grout, and mortar, though they can be somewhat abstract (had to…
I never thought of grout. I liked the cement because it had a pretty thin consistency for getting into tight spaces and smoothing was easy…
For reinforcing concrete in these small items, would something like sisal fibers like in plaster mold forming? (Flexible sisal might be…

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